Our start up journey from Amsterdam to Berlin. The Story of Paper and Stitches

We believe that life is about taking chances. Going your own way is scary as hell sometimes and it would be more than okay to skip a few roads. However, moving to another city in a different country to pursue an idea, our idea, was never scary for us. It was actually one of the easiest steps we had ever taken as it was clearly the right one to take. Everything about our project, ideas, and cooperation has proven that we are doing the right thing, and that we want to continue with following our passion by starting our own company: Paper and Stitches.

So, who the hell are we and what is Paper and Stitches?

Paper and Stitches is a Berlin startup that focuses on selling fashionable bags made from a new paper material. Our aim is to offer individualistic people a fashionable and ecological-responsible bag for their everyday use in dynamic Berlin. The idea of starting our business was first thought of in Southern Germany when we stumbled upon the new material. Thereafter, we, Katharina, Bernd, and Sebastian, continued with our business idea in Amsterdam during an Entrepreneurship minor at the HvA. What follows next is the story of Paper and Stitches.

First of all, let us tell you why we have chosen the path of Entrepreneurship. Passion, honesty and creativity. These are the key factors behind all of our work. We love being our own bosses, doing our own thing, and having the feeling of complete creative freedom. This showed us a new but simple truth about ourselves; we want to become Entrepreneurs. After we realized this and that we have a viable business idea which we all like, we have been working passionate and fully motivated every day to realise our dream of starting our own company.

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During the four month Entrepreneurship minor in Amsterdam, we learned a lot about the potential of our business idea and in which direction we wanted to take it. We decided that we want to start our business in Berlin as we believed this would be the right fit for us. So, we left Amsterdam to get to know Berlin. For almost 2 months we were in a place that displays individualism and creativity. We were right; Berlin is exactly the right place for us.

Katharina’s designs and our first prototypes got us extremely excited. It took us out on the streets of Berlin to ask for the feedback that we need to build our company upon. Without going into any specifics, we learned a lot about our bags, our targeted group of people, and about the great city of Berlin. Also, the people that we have spoken with have given us interesting and constructive feedback from which we moved on to the next stages of our journey and closer to our goal of starting our own company.

Going your own way, is an exciting story to live and tell. However, it also exists out of frustrating moments like being stuck with a task, arguing about small things, or getting no replies back from people as they won´t take you serious. All of this can upset you from time to time, but if you just take a day off and keep on communicating with your peers to ventilate all your emotions, all will be fine. A little bit further down the line, you might even find yourself writing a positive story about all your new experiences for The Student Generation.

So, this is where we are right now: Extremely motivated and passionate as ever, but, due to our exchange semester, on different continents. Nevertheless, we all cannot wait to return to Berlin this summer and to officially start our business.

If you are interested in hearing more about us and our company: stay tuned on The Student Generation because we’ll be keeping you updated here from October on, when we will officially launch Paper and Stitches.

Getting out of your comfort zone is incredibly easy when you do it for the right reason. Whatever this reason might be for you, it should encompass your full passion and a little bit of dreaming. Try to have an open mind and open eyes while walking through life, and we guarantee you that you´ll find something that fires up your passion. So, get out there and follow the path that your feet start to create!

That is, and will continue to be, the story of Paper and Stitches

Idealistic modern-Hippie/Entrepreneur