How Coaching Will Help You To Achieve Your Career Goals

The Fypster community is all about following your path – during your studies, in your first job, or while traveling and exploring the world. In my daily work as a Business Coach for Creatives and Designers, I witness how powerful it is to follow your own path. It sometimes means making bold decisions, taking risks or uncovering new truths about yourself. It is, however, very releasing and energizing to do what you love most.


As some of you might be at the crossroads to choose your study or career direction, my blog’s goal is to inspire you in exploring your personal values. Fypster claims ‘ambitious young people that are driven by their own passion should focus on what they are good at and work towards their dreams.’ Read further to learn more about how Coaching will help you to achieve your career goals. Clarifying your values helps you uncover your ideal new employer. Find out how a client of mine used his values to meet the career that’s right for him after his interior design studies.


You might know the term Coaching from sports, such as basketball, football or hockey. A coach is the cheerleader, supporter and challenger of a sports team to perform at its best. Likewise, a career or business coach is a trained professional with multiple tools and skills to get you into the best version of yourself. The main difference with a consultant is that a coach won’t tell you what do, but rather helps you find your own answers – by asking you the right questions. Coaches are also not psychologists, who focus on analyzing mental patterns in order to diagnose a mental sickness.


Professional career or business coaching consist of regular face-to-face or virtual sessions to explore your topic, questions or goals. They are in-depths conversations which may include visual and creative exercises, guided meditation and powerful questions. It’s a collaborative process or personal and professional growth, with the aim to move you out of your comfort zone into your growth and learning zone. A coach sees what you can’t see or can’t imagine, and helps you explore new perspectives and opportunities in your career or business.


Especially when you are a university graduate or young professional, your working experience might be limited and it may seem difficult to know which career path you should follow. Follow below real-life story to understand how a coach works and which impact he or she can have on your career development.


Meet Xuyang, 26, a Chinese interior designer that made the executive decision to move to Europe last April. However, he found himself in a bit of a predicament. He couldn’t find a job in the Netherlands due to his unfamiliarity with the local market.


Xuyang used career education platform and found Claudia’s coaching services. What he wanted was a partner to assist him in his application strategy. Claudia is a Business Growth Coach who works with Creatives and Designers every day. She knows about the creative industries – such as architecture, interior and lighting design.


When Claudia met with Xuyang, she saw a determined, gifted and fervent young professional with an ABC life slogan – Adventurous, Brave and Creative. The pair’s coaching sessions took place through Skype. In order to succeed, the collaboration of coaching mixed with consulting is one based on responsibility and mutual trust.


After the first session I didn’t feel nervous anymore and became more confident to face all the challenges. Claudia captured all my strengths and suggested on how to show them. – Xuyang.


Claudia worked with Xuyang to recognize his career values – to find out what his potential employers were that coincided with his ambitions. In order to find a career that’s right for anyone, they need to be clear on what their career goals are to find the right employers.


Claudia worked with Xuyang to update his resume and cover letter in order to fit the Dutch market. They highlighted his strengths and unique creative skills. One talent he has is in storytelling (exhibition design), which meant taking his portfolio and going with a storytelling approach.


It worked!

He was able to take his updated application to a number of chosen companies in his field of expertise. From that, three companies invited him for job interviews – two of which came through Claudia’s network.


Due to his predicament of being a “visitor”, he needed a work permit – solved with Claudia’s network which included an immigration attorney. Xuyang, knowing what he wanted, laid out an individualized road map and was confident in himself. He offered up conclusive documents that ensured him a job offer at one of his best employers.


I received good replies. Some of my favourite employers invited me to have an interview. I improved myself during the coaching.  Finally I got a job offer from my top employer! – Xuyang.


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Or, you rather want to get into action right away?

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About Coaching by Claudia

Claudia Mayer is a Designer and Creative Business Growth Coach with a rich diversity in both B2B Marketing and International Business Development. Claudia founded Coaching by Claudia with the intent to guide and empower Creatives and Designers to succeed in their careers and business. She’s been professionally trained as a Co-Active Coach, offering up a fresh perspective.

Claudia, who earned a business degree from the University of Innsbruck in Austria with a concentration in Strategy and Marketing, has lived in Asia for nearly five years. She also speaks three languages English, German and Dutch.


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