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High Tech New Era Companies: An Intro to the Digital Marketplace

Come and join us at the first edition of Career Talks, where we will explore the changing work environment and the emergence of digital roles with professionals from Catawiki, Adello, and Effect.AI.


Career Talks are monthly events where we bring in professionals to help students gain perspectives and kickstart their professional development, as well as build up their network. Ambitious students have the possibility to meet with professionals and gain valuable insights into what fields of (digital) work are out there, how to find them and most importantly where and how to start.


CareerTalks facilitates the connection between professionals and students in a very intimate and interactive format.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers or other professionals joining as speakers get the chance to pay their success forward, to give students the tips and insights they wished they had gotten back in their study times themselves. Furthermore, CareerTalks opens them access to a pool of motivated and ambitious talents.

Want to be our next speaker? Don't hesitate to get in touch!