How to develop the attitude and mindset to create a career you’re passionate about – Episode 1 with Adizah Tejani

We hope you guys are going to enjoy our first FYPcast episode featuring Adizah Tejani. She is currently  based in London and is the Director of Marketing EMEA at Token a fintech company from San Francisco. She was part of the founding team of Level39 a technology accelerator focused on fintech products. Under her leadership, the Level39 technology ecosystem grew to over 200+ member companies, delivered over 7 hours of weekly educational programming and technology partnerships. Over the years Adizah has worked with a number of industry leaders and was recently named one of the top 100 women in London by City A.M in 2016.

In this episode we touched upon subjects such as:

  • The attitude and mindset to create a career you’re passionate about
  • Being Brave
  • The importance of having mentors when you´re young and how to go about finding and approaching them
  • Making the impossible happen
  • Convincing people of yourself
  • The importance of tenacity
  • And… Much more

In this episode Adizah recommends to check out the podcast from Appsumo founder Noah Kagan, The book “Leading”by Alex Ferguson and Michael Moritz, The book  “The Start Up of you” by Reid Hoffmann and Ben Casnocha, Moocs and iTunes U.

I am the Co-Founder of Fypster.
Hope you guys are having fun here! Always happy to connect ?
So a little bit about me: I love entrepreneurship, traveling, diving into different cultures and languages whilst having football as another big passion. I love to be surrounded by people who encourage me to think beyond my limits. I also like reading (non fiction) books and to enjoy culturally diverse food. A lot of it. (if I can afford it)
When I am not working on some projects I love to spend quality time with my loved friends and family.
Fun fact: I am German/Brazilian which means I have to deal with two very opposing forces in me.
Before you ask: Even though I grew up in Germany, I always supported the brazilian national team a lot. So I witnessed the 7:1 in a Brazilian Restaurant having to drink many caipirinhas to be able to deal with the game.