Educate your future colleagues.

As young professionals ourselves, we have noticed the huge gap between what we have learned in uni and what the job market is expecting from us. Too many times, students have no idea how their knowledge is applied in real-life contexts.

ThatA?s why we are developing a solution to offer you the opportunity to give back and educate the younger generation while at the same time developing your talent pipeline.

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Check out what other professionals and lecturers say about the experience.

Youth is our bright future! It was extremely exciting and rewarding to give a guest lecture on digital innovation at the VU Amsterdam and find out what makes the next generation tick.

Eva NedelkovaCo-founder DigiLeads

The guest speaker brought a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of energy, which kept students attentive.

Anastasia SergeevaAssistant Professor at VU

We have grown a diverse professional pool, with experts from companies like:

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