Co-founder, CMO

A Moldovan based in Amsterdam, I am a lifelong learner, aiming to make a positive impact through entrepreneurship and innovation. I am a breathless optimist and I make my dreams my manifest. I am passionate about education and for a few years now, I have been exploring different ways of bringing the classroom closer to the job market. By involving in different entrepreneurial adventures, I also understood that many of the startup practices and tools can be applied to education. I have joined Fypster, because I love a good story and I am working on the best ways to tell ours.


Co-founder, CEO

A half German half Brazilian, who made Amsterdam his home (for now). As a citizen of the world, I speak six languages fluently to date. During my studies I realized that the classroom isnA?t usually the place where true learning happens. So I found my own, practical ways to gain more skills in less time than most of my peers. IA?ve developed a vision of how to revolutionize career discovery and transform education to empower millions of youngsters worldwide to get ready for work theyA?ll love - which is what I aim to realize with our amazing team at Fypster.


Co-founder, CTO

Born in Denmark but currently residing in Amsterdam. All my life I've been looking to expand my horizon with new knowledge, both inside and outside my comfort zone. I strive to always perform at my best and through that add maximum value to my team. I've worked in the edu-tech world the last couple of years and I absolutely love being able to help shape the newer generations. Being able to help other people achieve greatness gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I'm extremely passionate about technology and the benefits that it brings to the world - one I will certainly help improve with Fypster.


Software Developer